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 Visiting an Old Forum

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Huffle Parfait
Huffle Parfait

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Visiting an Old Forum Empty
PostSubject: Visiting an Old Forum   Visiting an Old Forum EmptyThu Aug 06, 2020 2:11 pm

Hahaha it's funny to see our old traces here, and now the forum is long forgotten...

If I had to choose, Xobor is def Huffly Parfait's most successful forum (compared to this one). Man, how I miss them all. I miss the old team. I miss the conversations. I miss our stupid banters. I miss our...old life, old community, without any dramas.

We didn't make much progress, even after 5+ years have passed since this forum was built. But the current team is everything I could ever hope for and more like; I'm afraid to ask for more. What do I even need more, anyway? Snowy is still with us, MadHatter is back, WildEagle's wife joined the team recently, ...and there are also other talented and beautiful souls on the team.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more than I was back then. I'm sorry I couldn't make you stay, Xanai. Hoon. NeonNinjaSushi. Ecgradux. Mjin. Sakura Hime. AkaiKiseki. Zima.

We...recently celebrated our 8th anniv. And yeah, as I've said, Huffly Parfait is still Huffly Parfait, our pace is still slow as always hahaha, but- I wonder if you guys still remember us, as friends. I don't know when I will put down my title as a scanlator, I don't know when I will ever stop doing this, but yeah- I'm getting older, and to think that some of you are older than me...Just what kind of life are you having right now?

I miss you. I miss the past.
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Visiting an Old Forum
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